Prices for our Floater Frames are quoted based on size, quantity, and materials. Large quantities and group buys are welcomed. For additional information please email us at or call 512-442-4208.
Our Floater Frames are made to order in any material or size. The example shown is an 18 x 18 inch frame made to hold a 10 x 10 inch piece. You can see the provided mounting holes near the square central cutout. When using a #6 flat head screw the frame will sit flat against the mounting surface.
Common finishes are clear, black, and white. Other colors are available but unless you are ordering a large quantity of matched frames we strongly recommend choosing a natural wood that is already close to the color you desire.
We stock maple, oak, and ipe, but many other domestic and imported hardwoods are available.
These sides of these frames are black lacquered oak with a matching black lacquered baltic birch back. We tend to use the baltic birch for backs when we can due to its strength and beauty. When necessary we match the background to the sides, for example when a clear rather than black lacquer is used with oak sides.