One of our most innovative and successful products is onQue™, a music listening/video preview station unlike any other.

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onQue Digital Media Preview Station

It's a simple fact: people are far more likely to purchase music when they have been able to hear it first. Indeed, today's music consumer increasingly expects to be able to listen to albums before buying them. Online music downloading services are based upon this very important concept. But what about packaged music such as a CD?

The onQue Digital Media Preview Station can dramatically boost disc sales by providing this crucial pre-sale interaction. With onQue, your customers can easily audition full length album tracks and make an informed decision to buy.

Bulky, expensive CD jukeboxes are not the answer. Utilizing Apple's iPod®, onQue can digitally store literally thousands of songs, is easily updated with new content, and is also an attractive, hand-crafted display suitable for any retail space.

And now onQue can be used for video preview as well as for audio! We will soon have some images here to show the video preview application.

The iPod is housed in a tamper-proof enclosure featuring a long-life, gentle blue LED light source.

  • Familiar, easy to use iPod interface (over 100 million iPods sold to date)
  • High quality headphones provide an exceptional listening experience
  • Available in tower and wall-mount configurations
  • Tower is 2-sided (one iPod and ten shelves per side)
  • Tower style's 2-tier base offers additional merchandising space
  • Use Mac or PC (and free iTunes® software) for content management